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Samsung brings Chef Collection kitchen appliances to Europe

After a much-hyped release in the US, Samsung brings its high-end appliance line to Europe with a new freezer, cooktop, dishwasher and vapor oven.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

Samsung's appliances division spent the earlier part of 2014 showing off its sleek new line of chef-inspired kitchen appliances. The Chef Collection, designed in collaboration with a team of professional chefs (or the Samsung Club des Chefs, per the marketing lingo) boasts premium-looking finishes and high-end features. Now it's bringing the Chef Collection line to Europe in March 2015.

The new line will debut on the continent with four distinct appliances, a bottom-mounted freezer, a dishwasher, a vapor oven and an induction cooktop.

For the freezer, Samsung says it will let you maintain precise temperature control, and promises 30-percent more storage space than similar built-in freezers of the same dimensions.

On the induction cooktop, a Virtual Safety Flame, a.k.a. embedded LEDs, will let you know when a burner is on, and its relative heat level, both of which are hard to know otherwise on competing induction cook surfaces. The vapor oven joins the growing steam cooking trend, and will circulate steam up to 100-degrees Celsius around a convection fan to help cook your food without draining it of moisture.

Finally, if you saw the US rollout you might remember the "waterwall" washing system Samsung introduced with its Chef Collection Dishwasher . The European model features that same cleaning process. Samsung claims the waterwall design will clean across the entire interior of the dishwasher, theoretically ensuring complete coverage on your dirty dishes.