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Samsung bringing UFC and X Games to VR

The new VR Live Pass for Gear VR brings free live events to virtual reality.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung is launching a new series of live sports and entertainment broadcasts in virtual reality for Gear VR owners. The company says: "The VR Live Pass on Gear VR events will be available through the Samsung VR app in early June, enabling Gear VR users to watch live entertainment events and performances no matter where they are."

Initial partners for the free-for-now content include UFC and ESPN's X Games. First up is a UFC fight between José Aldo and Max Holloway, to be broadcast from Rio de Janeiro on June 3, followed by an X Games BMX and skating event from Minneapolis, running July 13-16.


In a press release, Samsung says:

Gear VR users will be given an unrivaled 'live pass' to shows, where they will witness live action shots and extreme close-ups, taking spectatorship to an entirely new level. Gear VR users will be able to access this content at no cost.

Samsung recently updated its Gear VR headset, launching a new version alongside the Galaxy S8 phone.