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Samsung bows to PETA in new ad

In a slightly calmer attempt to sell its wares than of late, Samsung gets a real bear to do the washing. Really. After a little faux pas, it wants animal lovers to love the brand again.

How cuddly. Samsung Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you've recently made an ad that suggests neglected laptops should be shot like unwanted puppies, perhaps it's best to redress your animal balance.

So, in order to sell its wonderfully eco-friendly washing machines, Samsung has persuaded a bear to bare all.

PETA, always fond of using sex as a sales tool, will love that.

Many animal-loving folks were terribly disturbed by the puppy ad (which attempted to sell solid-state storage drives).

They railed. They gnashed their teeth. They wanted to bite the heads off those who pumped such black humor onto surprised eyes.

The ad was, therefore, withdrawn.

So here, the animal is the cute, cuddly winner. He finds a fine EcoBubble washing machine, placed in the snow for yet another boondoggly expensive ad agency shoot.

His coat needs a wash.

You will be relieved that he is not shown entirely naked. Yes, bears wears blue boxer shorts -- left over, presumably, from men they have eaten.

But the whole point of this is to sell the product. So you just know how this one ends, don't you?