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Samsung bows 2D 1080p plasmas

Samsung introduced five 1080p plasmas at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung's PNA750T plasmas feature color accents on the frame. Samsung

Unlike the entry-level models in Samsung's 2008 plasma lineup, the more-expensive 1080p versions are not 3D compatible. That's not a big deal in our book, since these sets have plenty of other appealing features that don't require a third-party glasses kit.

Watch the Samsung 1080p plasmas video on CNET TV.

Samsung's entry-level 1080p plasma series is the PNA550P. Samsung

The entry-level 1080p plasmas include two screen sizes, namely the 50-inch PN50A550P and the 58-inch PN58A550P, and both are available in March (pricing was not announced). They offer three HDMI inputs and USB ports for viewing digital photos and listening to digital music. In addition to an algorithm said to clean up false contouring, the sets include a new version of the company's antireflective screen that may improve on the mediocre results we observed in models like the FP-T5084.

The step-up PNA750T series, available in April, offers three sizes, the 50-inch PN50A750T, the 58-inch PN58A750T and the 63-inch PN63A750T. Its claim to fame includes Samsung's TOC (Touch of Color) design, which "creates a clean, smooth finish infused with a hint of color during the manufacturing process." Red will be the first color available, although a company rep said purple and blue, among other colors, will follow. The press release also mentions access to RSS feeds, although it's not clear exactly how, as well as the same picture-quality features found on the step-down models.