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Samsung bellies up to the bar with HT-X810

Samsung has announced the HT-X810 multifunctional soundbar.


It seems that the soundbar trend is here to stay as Samsung has announced a multifunctional unit boasting 300 watts of total power. The HT-X810's sleek piano-black bar is sure to complement most flat-panel TVs, and the accompanying wireless 5.8 Ghz subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room. We've seen a wireless sub before from the Boston Acoustics TVee Model Two and were pleased with its performance.

Watch the Samsung HT-X810 video on CNET TV.

The X810 offers a slo- loading DVD player that upscales up to 1080p via HDMI and can accommodate numerous media formats including DVD-Audio, CDs, DivX, JPEG, MP3, and WMA. In addition, the X810 is Bluetooth-capable and has a USB port for connecting external drives and other players.

No price has been disclosed yet, but the HT-X810 goes on sale in May 2008.