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Samsung announces WB750 18x compact camera

Who doesn't need a little more zoom in their pocket camera?


If you're looking for the most lens in a small body, the new Samsung WB750 might do the trick. It offers an 18x f3.2-5.8 24-432mm zoom lens (35mm equivalent) in a camera that can squeeze in a pants pocket. Now, whether that's a good thing will come down to its photo quality.

To help with that, Samsung used a 12-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor. Samsung says it's a proprietary sensor, but doesn't really mention what that brings to the table. It seems to do all of the things that other BSI CMOS sensors do, including improving low-light photo quality and boosting shooting speeds. That includes a burst mode capturing at 10 frames per second, 2D and 3D instant panorama shots, and HDR (high dynamic range) photos.

The WB750 also features creative filters that can be used before or after you shoot as well as manual, aperture-priority, and shutter-priority shooting modes. It'll capture video in full HD at 30fps, too, with use of the zoom lens and the capability to capture 10-megapixel stills while recording.

All in all, it sounds like a decent option, but Samsung didn't announce pricing or availability, so it's difficult to say for sure.