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Samsung announces Galaxy S4-compatible TecTiles 2

Samsung's flagship phone won't work with the first iteration of the company's NFC tags, hence the need for TecTiles 2.

Samsung Galaxy S4
If you want to use Samsung's Galaxy S4 with TecTiles, you'll need to pick up version 2. Sarah Tew/CNET

Starting Friday, Samsung will sell the second version of its NFC stickers, called TecTiles 2.

The main difference between these tags and the first iteration, which launched almost a year ago? Unlike the originals, the second TecTiles generation works with the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well as Samsung's other NFC-ready phones.

TecTile stickers use a small NFC receiver that trigger your smartphone into completing certain tasks when you tap them.

You can program TecTiles to turn on Wi-Fi and turn off Bluetooth, for instance, set an alarm, or send a text to someone that you've arrived home or at the office.

The reprogrammable stickers sell for $14.99 for a pack of five, at (today) and other retailers, like a carrier store, in June. You'll need to download the free TecTiles app in the Google Play store to get started.