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Samsung announces a slew of new monitors

Samsung announces a slew of new monitors

Samsung left no user out today with its announcement of 16 new LCD monitors. From gamers to corporate users, Samsung debuted monitors in every thinkable category. I'm a bit scared of exhausting you with the specs and numbers for all of the new monitors, so here's the short of it.

Samsung seems to be catching on to the wide-screen trend sweeping the LCD monitor industry, with its 21-inch SyncMaster 214T and 24-inch 244T LCDs. And, the company's latest HDTV-ready LCD, the SyncMaster 940MW also takes on a wide-screen format.

For the gamers and the media enthusiasts, Samsung announced the 19-inch SyncMaster 940BF and the 17-inch 740BF. They both boast a 4 millisecond (ms) response time.

General business users got the 17-inch SyncMaster 740T and the 19-inch 940T; both come with standard height, tilt, and swivel adjustability.

And, in the absolutely giant LCD monitor category, Samsung announced the SyncMaster 320p, a 32-inch LCD with an 8ms response time. Four other giant 40- and 46-inch monitors were announced, but they are marketed toward the corporate set.

For more information, specs, and prices, check out Samsung's press releases here .