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Samsung and HTC are crazy in glove in Podcast 383

It's glove at first site for Samsung and HTC -- but could smart gloves really work? Plus we spend time with Britain's first local Bitcoin and find out why the devil has all the best toys.

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Can you feel the glove tonight? Samsung, HTC and Toshiba all pulled the same April Fools' Day prank. But is a smart glove actually a decent idea, and what can we learn from this crazy little thing called glove?

The Samsung Fingers, HTC Gluuv and Toshiba Digit are all fictitious, but they point the way towards the meeting of mobile devices and wearable technology. Whether answering phone calls with a gesture or paying for stuff with a wave of your hand, the prank gloves actually have a few good ideas in there.

As if that's not enough, we step back into court for the latest on the legal battle between Samsung and Apple -- is that still happening? -- then head home to cosy up with the Nest thermostat, now heating British houses. And you can spare a penny for our thoughts on Hullcoin, a Bitcoin-style digital currency helping local residents of the next Capital of Culture.

Plus, we find out why Lego is a tool of Satan -- or should that be brick of Beelzebub? -- according to one peeved priest.

Samsung and HTC are crazy in glove in Podcast 383

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