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Samsung amongst winners in 'off-grid' super energy efficient TV design awards

Meet the best flatscreen TVs designed for the developing world to run on 'off-grid' energy, such as personal solar panels, as named by clean energy initiative Global LEAP.

Trade Without Borders's SOLAGEO TWB-TVE1603A 15.6-inch LED TV was a finalist for the Global LEAP Awards. Solageo/Global LEAP

A new competition to find the best energy efficient televisions has announced its first list of winners, with Samsung the one name-brand manufacturer securing a spot on the podium. This isn't your average green energy competition though, focused instead on TVs designed for use in developing countries with limited access to reliable energy grids, where solar panels feeding into reserve DC batteries is becoming an 'off-grid' solution.

There were five categories, split between products that were currently commercially available and those that were still in development.

The full list of winners is:

  • Commercially Available, Small: Sola SO16M 15.6-inch LED TV by Solar Home Appliances
  • Commercially Available, Medium: Sola SO19M 19-inch LED TV by Solar Home Appliances
  • Commercially Available, Large: Samsung UA23H4060AR 23-inch LED TV by Samsung
  • Emerging Technology, Small: DC TV 15.6-inch 12V by fosera GmbH & Co KG aA
  • Emerging Technology, Large: Samsung UA32**** 32-inch Prototype LED TV by Samsung

In addition to energy efficiency, the products were tested for reliability and durability, with the cost also being a deciding factor.

To give some perspective on the energy efficiency in question, the winning TVs draw around 6 to 10W of power, or roughly the same as compact fluorescent bulb. A 42-inch Panasonic Viera TH-L42E6A -- which has a 6 star energy rating -- runs at 84W.

"Quality assured, super-efficient low-voltage appliances build consumer trust and reduce costs for energy-poor populations throughout the developing world," said Global LEAP Initiative Lead Caroline McGregor. "They're essential to creating and sustaining demand for technologies like off-grid solar."

Global LEAP is an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial, an annual forum promoting clean energy usage around the world. The Global LEAP Outstanding Off-Grid Appliance awards are also co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy and the ClimateWorks Foundation.