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Samsung aims at iPad mini, new iPad, in fresh patent claims

Samsung has alleged that the latest range of Apple products infringes its patents.

Here we go again. Samsung has issued a fresh batch of steaming hot legal accusations at Apple, alleging its iPad mini, latest iPad, and iPod touch all violate its patents, our sister site CNET News reports.

It asked a federal district court in the US to add the products to its ongoing legal squabble with Apple.

The Korean company alleges that Apple's latest products violate the same patents as the previous models. It doesn't show much sign of stopping either, claiming, "all Apple products including a built-in speaker and an external audio output port" are guilty of the same. That'll be almost everything Apple makes, then.

These accusations are part of a separate case to the one that saw Apple take Samsung to the cleaners to the tune of $1bn. There's definitely no love lost between the two companies.

Apple gets on considerably better with HTC. The two companies recently agreed to a 10-year deal in which they'll license patents from each other. They'll also stop suing each other for the foreseeable future, which will make a change.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Samsung is trying to use that deal to stop its own products being banned by Apple. Samsung is arguing that if any patents licensed by Apple to HTC include those Apple successfully sued Samsung for infringing, the case is null and void. In the words of the court filing, Apple will have been happy to "forego exclusivity in exchange for money".

In other words, Apple can't have it both ways, in Samsung's eyes.

It seems barely a day passes without Apple and Samsung at each other's throats. Do you think Samsung has a case? Or should these companies put their differences behind them and focus on making better products? You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Let me know what you reckon on our Facebook page, or in the comments below.

Update: Apple has hit back, asking the court to include the Galaxy S3 running Android Jelly Bean, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Rugby Pro (?!) and Galaxy S3 Mini in the patent case, Engadget reports. Fight fire with fire, and all that.