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Samsung adds Vongo support to P2

The video-friendly, touchscreen P2 player will now support video downloads from Vongo.

Although it's barely creeping into the mainstream consciousness, I'm a big fan of music subscription services. All you can eat for less than the price of your average CD--what's not to like? Sadly, the average music listener usually has trouble reconciling the concept of "renting" with the music medium.

The same is not true when it comes to video services, which is why Vongo has the right idea. Pay a monthly fee of $9.99--less than the cost of your average DVD--for unlimited online access to a growing digital movie library. And if you happen to have a compatible device from the service's growing list, which as of today includes the wide-screened (i.e. video-worthy) Samsung P2, you can take it all with you--a particularly intriguing deal for the frequent-flier. Just a couple of complaints: One, Vongo's library is by no means all-inclusive, though it is extensive enough to satisfy most people for many, many months. And B, the service doesn't include TV programming, an offering sorely missing from the repertoire of Windows Media-based MP3 players. Are you listening, Netflix?