Samsung adds SGH-A137

Samsung's new SGH-A137 is a basic phone that should land at AT&T.

Samsung SGH-A137 Samsung

Though AT&T has yet to concur, Samsung has added a new AT&T cell phone to its Web site. Samsung originally told us about the new phone earlier this week, but we were expecting that they wouldn't actually launch it for a few days. But in any case, the SGH-A137 isn't too much to get excited about. The simple flip phone is so basic that it doesn't even offer an external display. The feature set is centered squarely on making calls and messaging but it offers a couple of extras including a music player and Bluetooth. Pricing isn't available yet but it should be headed for AT&T's Go Phone prepaid service. The SGH-A137 is the fifth new phone that Samsung has introduced this week. Though none of the new handsets are groundbreaking, there is plenty of room in cell phone land for basic handsets.

Thanks Phone Scoop.

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