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Samsung ad aims at iPhone, fanboys fire back

Samsung's latest US Galaxy S3 ad campaign pulls no punches, taking aim at Apple's iPhone 5. But the iPhone's loyal fans have something to say about it.

Samsung has wasted no time in responding to Apple's iPhone 5 announcement, with its US marketing team knocking up an ad approaching the debate from the angle Samsung knows best: specifications. Unsurprisingly, Apple has not responded in kind, but loyal iPhone fans have jumped onto Photoshop to return fire.

We've added the blue box to point out what was added to the original lists. (Credit: Josh Cohen)

Just weeks after Samsung lost big time against Apple in US courts, the Samsung US team is pulling no punches in the battle between the Galaxy S3 and the upcoming iPhone 5. The ad lists the various bits and pieces inside both devices, but shows twice as many features on the Samsung side than it does on the Apple half.

Apple fans have responded in kind, digitally defacing the Samsung poster and filling out the iPhone's specs sheet with comparable features left off by Samsung or by calling out Samsung's specs as being unnecessary.

Some of the criticisms are spot on. Where Samsung lists its Direct Call feature, the unofficial Apple respondent writes "Press Call", and next to "Shake to Update", they write "Hit Refresh". But some of the differences in the core specifications are more difficult to argue with. Apple's 225-hour battery standby estimate is far outweighed by Samsung's 790-hour estimate and, for some, Samsung's much larger 4.8-inch screen is a big winner.

This does raise an interesting question about what attracts smartphone buyers. Whether a list of Samsung specs can turn the minds of smartphone shoppers who have been lured by Apple's promise of revolution and magic? There is something unpleasant about Samsung's "It doesn't take a genius" tagline, but at least it makes more sense than Apple's "The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone". Seriously, what does that even mean?

What do you think? Does Samsung's list prove that the Galaxy S3 is far better value for money than an iPhone? Or is it more complex than this list describes?