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Samsung a930

Samsung a930

The a930 is yet another Samsung multimedia phone, this time specifically developed for 1X EV-DO networks such as Sprint's Power Vision and Verizon's V Cast. That high speed lets the world of on-demand entertainment into the phone, with instant access to music and videos on-demand (MOD and VOD, respectively). Depending on the carrier, content can be either streamed or downloaded into the phone and can be stored on a removable TransFlash card. I liked that the phone has player buttons on the front flap, which makes for easier playlist navigation. As for the video, we'll have to wait and see if they look any good on the phone's small screen. A multimedia phone wouldn't be complete with a camera, and the a930 packs in a 1.3-megapixel camera that can record video as well. Other features include a speakerphone with dual stereo speakers, advanced speech recognition, dual displays, and Bluetooth support. The Samsung a930 also has a vibration technology called VibeTonz, which can be used to personalize different vibrations to different phone numbers.

Samsung SCH-A930