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Samsung 60D8000 TV keeps you fit, plays YouTube 3D

The new 60-inch Samsung D8000 is an even bigger version of the best 3D TV in the world, and now has 3D streaming and, er, exercise apps.

The 55-inch Samsung D8000 is without question, almost certainly probably the best 3D TV in the world, but if you've bought one recently, prepare to kick yourself in your own head. Why? Because Samsung's just busted out a new model with a bigger screen and even more features -- the 60D8000.

As you may have guessed from the name, the telly's a whole 5 inches bigger than the smaller D8000, but is just as striking, thanks to a super-slim silver bezel that measures a mere 1.5cm.

It also comes with an updated Smart Hub, which on this model features a built-in Freview+ DVR that lets you pause live TV and record shows for later playback.

Smart Hub's features don't end there. Samsung has upgraded the online portal, which gives its TVs a smart phone-style app store, with 200 new apps between August and September. These include YouTube 3D, and a new video-on-demand service that lets you channel HD and 3D movies on a whim -- like some sort of movie-streaming God.

If you start to regret sitting around on your backside watching clips of people falling over, you may be pleased to hear Smart Hub now features a couple of exercise apps. BodyInBalance offers over 1,000 hours of video that inspire you to stretch and fart along to yoga, pilates and dance videos. HealthClubTV, meanwhile, lets you turn your living room into a virtual gym -- minus the terrifying apparatus and sweaty strangers, which is a shame, as that's the best part, really.

The 60D8000's pricing and availability are still to be confirmed, but existing Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to take advantage of the the new Smart Hub apps straight away.