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Same screen, separate views

Same screen, separate views

Sometimes, a piece of technology shows up completely out of the blue. While looking at the booth for Eclipse, Fujitsu's automotive unit, I saw an entertainment/navigation unit that has an off-the-scale wow factor. An Eclipse PR guy grabbed me and suggested I stop and look at the unit's bright LCD. I was standing off to the right of it, and it was playing a movie of some racetrack footage. Nothing special there. Then the PR guy told me to step to my left and look at the screen again. Suddenly, I was looking at a typical navigation screen. Step back to the right, and it morphed to the movie. It was an incredibly cool thing and remarkable to experience. The unit is Eclipse's AVN7905, which goes on sale in November. It has a hard drive-based navigation unit, can play DVDs, and includes a receiver.

Driver view of the Eclipse AVN7905 Passenger view of the Eclipse AVN7905
The picture to the left is what the driver sees: a navigation screen. The passenger view, from the right side of the display, shows a movie about race cars.