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Tech Industry

Sam Sung raises big bucks from his time at Apple

Former Apple employee Sam Sung is cashing in on his ironic employment history for charity.

Irony in business card form. Sam Sung/eBay

Sam Sung once worked for Apple. Yes, he's a guy who once worked in Apple stores in Canada, and not associated with Apple's huge South Korean competitor, but that hasn't stopped people from bidding huge amounts on eBay for Sung's old business card from his Apple days.

Sung is auctioning the Apple business card bearing a name reminiscent of the company's chief competitor, along with his old Apple Store shirt and lanyard, to raise funds for the British Columbia and Yukon chapter of Children's Wish, "a not-for-profit that grants wishes to sick children."

Right now the highest bid currently sits at over $80,000. However, Sung did post an update on Wednesday asking people not place fake bids, so it's possible that media exposure has led to a rash of shill bidding in the last 24 hours.

The auction still has more than eight days to go, so perhaps Sung's Apple mementos will wind up even more valuable than potato salad.

The take-away has to be a bit jarring for Samsung, because it seems to confirm what technology watchers have known for some time -- the best way to sell something for big bucks is simply to make sure it has an Apple logo on it.