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Sam and Max are coming back

Telltale Games has announced Season Two of the episodic Sam and Max adventure games.

Telltale Games

The premiere bunny and dog freelance police duo of the gaming world are coming back for another round. Last year, Telltale Games released Sam & Max Season One, a series of six episodic, downloadable adventure games starring Sam and Max, the comic book characters turned video game heroes. Nostalgic gamers, still full of happy memories of LucasArts' 1993 adventure Sam & Max Hit the Road, ate up these new Sam & Max games. The episodes were first available on GameTap but later were released on Steam and can now be physically purchased on a disc.

Fortunately, gamers don't have to wait another 13 years to have further fun with the furry freelance flatfoots. Telltale Games has just announced that Sam & Max Season Two is coming. Telltale Games has released very few details about the new episodic games, but we do know this: the photo above shows a cafe in which Sam and Max will possibly go during one or more of their adventures. Hey, if you want spoilers, go read GameFAQs. The first episode of Sam & Max Season Two will come out this fall.