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Salvador Dali's elephants get the steampunk Lego treatment

Surreality rules in a Lego artist's interpretation of the skinny-legged beasts from Salvador Dali's famous painting "The Elephants."

Lego Dali elephant
It's a Lego elephant on steampunk stilts. Jin Kei

Korean Lego artist Jin Kei looked at Salvador Dali's surrealist masterpiece "The Elephants" and imagined it in plastic brick form. Then, he went even further, and translated it through the lens of steampunk. The result is an embodiment of the toothpick-legged elephant from the painting, except it is full of complex gears and mechanical joints that capture both aesthetics perfectly.

The most prominent feature of Dali's work is the elephants' impossibly tiny legs that look more like an insect's than a pachyderm's. The Lego version re-creates these, but with what look like hydraulic joints. The fun really starts when you dive into the details of the build, from the hatch wheel on the elephant's side to the oil-derrick-like top piece.

If you look closely, there's even a puff of Lego smoke coming out near the back. This creature would fit right in with the steam-powered machines of "Wild Wild West." All of the gears and mechanical bits make it look considerably more plausible than the near-alien creations Dali imagined.

Kei's creation stands an impressive 32 inches tall. There are two of the elephants in the painting, so you'll have to use your imagination to double up the Lego versions. This isn't Kei's first foray into steampunk Lego builds. He previously tackled a steampunk version of Batman's movie motorcycle. The elephant, however, is a true stunner as both an homage to Dali and a master class in imaginative Lego construction.

Lego Dali elephant head
Jin Kei's surreal elephant runs on imaginary steam. Jin Kei

(Via The Brothers Brick)