Salt and pepper mills get decked out in wood grain

The Cole & Mason Wood Electric Salt & Pepper Mills are modern kitchen gadgets with a flair for the past. With one-handed operation, they are easy to use while cooking.

Earth tones always in style.
Earth tones always in style. Williams-Sonoma

For many, kitchen decor is a work in progress. Nothing wrong with that; in fact, it makes sense considering the room in question. Tastes change, recipes evolve, and something that tasted amazing the first time is not going to hold the same impact the next time. That being said, what goes around comes around, and sometimes an old classic compares to nothing -- especially when it comes in an updated version.

Once upon a time, wood-grain finish was popular with everything. Heavy earth tones and splashes of orange, yellow, and brown adorned every room including the kitchen and everything in it. The sleek and shiny look is what design gravitates toward now, and kitchen gadgets en masse have followed suit. That's all fine and dandy, but surely there is room enough to make for a wood-grained splash.

The Cole & Mason Wood Electric Salt & Pepper Mills ($69.95) are a handsome set of kitchen accessories that update a classic look. The battery-powered grinders follow a modern trend by being capable of one-handed operation; a simple button on top does the trick. Clear acrylic windows offer a view to the inside, reminding users that no matter their design preferences, the two ubiquitous spices belong on the tabletop in any era.