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Salesforce jumps on the Twitter-for-CRM bandwagon

The software-as-a-service company has added Twitter to the lineup of social media sites that clients can keep tabs on using its Service Cloud product.

Salesforce's Service Cloud dashboard. Click for larger version. Salesforce

Twitter customer service: It's the hot new thing that all the kids are doing! Salesforce has added a new application to its "app exchange" so that clients who use its Service Cloud product can better wrangle Twitter for customer service purposes. It'll be available this summer.

With the app, called Salesforce CRM for Twitter, clients can monitor Twitter messages that pertain to their company, aggregate the replies and conversations around those messages, and then respond to the inquiries and complaints and whatnot.

Service Cloud already helps clients keep tabs on the likes of Facebook, Blogger, and Web forums.

Alex Dayon, Salesforce CRM's senior vice president of customer service and support, said that with the abundance of social-media tools on the Web, people are turning to "crowdsourced" help with customer-service issues. I don't blame them. When was the last time you spent ages on the phone with your TV manufacturer only to have some random Twitter follower provide you the solution in five minutes?

"While $20 billion of software is being spent on call centers, the customers are somewhere else," he said.