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Sainsburys trolleys score iPad docks, solar panels

The supermarket goliath has teamed up with Sky to fit iPad docks to its trolleys, letting fans watch the footie while doing the shopping.

Sainsburys is trialling a trolley with a built-in iPad dock so that put-upon footie fans needn't miss the match during the weekly shop. The docks include speakers and a solar panel, so the iPad (which you need to supply yourself) won't run out of juice while you're stocking up on Sunny D.

The docks have been designed not by Sainsburys, but by Sky, which developed them for the express purpose of highlighting its Sky Go service. Sky Go allows anyone with a Sky subscription to watch its sport and news channels on mobile devices such as iPads. So in a nutshell, the docks let you shop for liver while watching the Liverpool game.

The trolleys also have proximity sensors attached to them, so you shouldn't need to worry about getting so engrossed in Ashley Young's silky ball skills that you accidentally foul a fellow customer. A warning beep will be set off if you get too close to another shopper, presumably followed by a yellow card if contact does take place.

For the time being, these trolleys are being tested in a single branch of Sainsburys. There doesn't seem to be a particular reason why the Cromwell Road superstore in West London was chosen, but we'd like to think it's because of its proximity to Stamford Bridge.

It's pretty much a (Shay) given who these new trolleys are aimed at: fans who complain about doing the shopping while the game is on. We can, however, see two immediate flaws with the dock. Firstly, you'll need a way to connect to the Internet, so anyone with a Wi-Fi-only iPad will be out of luck. Secondly, your partner may be annoyed when you forget the (Paul) Robinson's Fruit Shoot because you were distracted by the North London derby.

Sainsburys could introduce these trolleys across the UK if the initial trial proves successful, and we'd like to hear if it sounds like something you might actually use. Put it in the mixer in the comments box below, or in extra time on our Facebook wall.