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Sailing the seas of MP3s

Apple, Virgin hum different tunes when it comes to new digital music players. Also: Napster enrolls in college (again).

Apple and Virgin Electronics hum different tunes when it comes to new digital music players; Napster enrolls in college (again); and Microsoft bands together a new entertainment unit.

Apple hatches newest iPod

update The two new models are $100 cheaper than their previous incarnations and feature significantly improved battery life.
July 19, 2004

Virgin music device gets 'round

Virgin Electronics heads to Silicon Valley, releases MP3 device that plays style over storage.
July 19, 2004

Napster makes gains in colleges

The now-legal song service signs up six new universities for its cut-rate campus music plan.
July 19, 2004

Microsoft hits play on entertainment group

New business unit will consolidate all of the company?s efforts around home entertainment technologies.
July 19, 2004

Companies toy with portable media players

One of the hottest items on U.S. toy store shelves this holiday season might not be a toy at all.
July 19, 2004