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Sagem my300C and my850V: Cute, shiny and affordable

The Sagem my300C and my 850V are two of the best handsets we've seen from the French manufacturer and we hope there's more to follow

You might not think of Sagem as the coolest kid in class, and to be honest it hasn't tried to compete with the big boys, choosing to focus on entry-level handsets. But entry-level needn't mean ugly any more -- the my300C (pictured left) is one of the cutest mobile phones we've seen.

At only 44mm wide, 80mm tall and 22mm deep, this £40 handset looks tasty and fits in a small pocket with ease. Okay, so there's only a VGA (0.3-megapixel) camera and it's not exactly packed with features, other than a WAP browser. It doesn't even have an external screen, but what do you expect for £40?

If you're after a more feature-filled offering, the my850V (pictured right) is a classy 3G affair with a 2-megapixel camera. A glossy front section hides touch-sensitive music buttons and a small colour screen. Inside there's a VGA camera for video calls and a large, easy-to-press keypad.

Both handsets are available from Vodafone. The my300C is available on pay as you go for about £40 and the my850V is available for free on a monthly contract. Expect full reviews of both handsets soon. -Andrew Lim