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Sagem H4 Bluetooth headset: Titchy talker

With new penalties in place to stop you using your mobile phone while driving, you might want to invest in a legal Bluetooth headset like the Sagem H4

It's extremely difficult to find a Bluetooth headset that doesn't make you look ridiculous. Finding one that's inconspicuous is pretty important if you don't want to look like a Doctor Who-style mind-controlled drone. Or worse, a white van man.

Hence the Sagem H4 -- one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets we've ever seen. It measures 18mm wide by 35mm tall by 13mm deep and weighs a mere 8g.

The H4 can store two numbers on it so you can speed-dial your most regular contacts. It offers eight hours of talk time and 100 hours on standby. On the front there's a small LED that indicates its status and on the back, as you can see, there's an earpiece.

Our only problem with the H4 is that the earpiece is completely round and rather large, making it really uncomfortable to stick in your ear. Yes the H4 is tiny, but when it comes to sticking in your ear it feels like you're trying to ram a microphone in there.

Of course Crave has got used to using little in-ear buds, so you might not find the H4's earpiece so uncomfortable. It's currently available for about £53 from the Sagem Web site. -AL