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Safety, security, Y2K fix in one

Network Associates launches Nuts & Bolts Deluxe, desktop software that can, among other things, correct Y2K problems in PC hardware.

Network Associates (NETA) has launched Nuts & Bolts Deluxe, desktop software that can, among other things, correct Year 2000 problems in PC hardware.

The bundle, expected to sell for around $59 in retail channels, also scans for viruses, detects hostile ActiveX and Java applets, provides desktop encryption, and includes 13 utilities to speed a PC's performance.

The standard Nuts & Bolts product was acquired in December with Helix Software. Network Associates also added desktop encryption from Pretty Good Privacy, another acquisition.

Nuts & Bolts Deluxe also prevents and recovers from crashes, recovers and repairs damaged or lost files, tunes and organizes the hard drive, cleans memory clutter, shreds private data, and creates and manages ZIP files.

The Year 2000 feature corrects Year 2000 hardware incompatibility problems, which could affect PC owners, particularly of older machines. It allows users to deal with Y2K issues ahead of time.

The product includes Network Associates' VirusScan and WebScanX to block hostile ActiveX, Java applets, and viruses; PGP Personal Privacy for encrypting and decrypting data, digital signatures, and authentication; and Hurricane, 13 Helix utilities for enhancing PC performance.

Nuts and Bolts Deluxe is designed to compete with Norton Utilities from Symantec.

In January, Network Associates released PC Medic 1.0.5, a set of help-desk software utilities targeted at enterprise customers running Windows NT and Windows 95 desktops.