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Safari Uploading problems

Safari Uploading problems

Yesterday we covered reports of problems with Safari 1.2 where users are not able to upload files to websites such as Yahoo! Mail and Blackboard -- basically, any website that allows the user to upload files via an "upload" button (or similar server-side functionality). We've since received a number of confirmations of this issue. Christopher Kovacs writes:

"I can confirm this. No luck trying to upload files to some scientific journal sites as part of editing some manuscripts. Or the upload states that it worked but a 2K nonsense file is uploaded instead of a 100K file. Most recent was today. I've had to use Explorer to do the uploads."

Similarly, Robert Mead-Green reports: "I've also tried uploading images onto ebay for items I'm selling and it doesn't work in Safari 1.2.x or Firefox 0.8, but does in Internet Explorer." Charles Langlois also notes, "Impossible to upload photos for development using the latest version of Safari. I have try many times with Future Shop and Photoways and the upload is not working at all."

However, some users have reported success, so the problems aren't universal; for example, Marc Bizer writes, "I am NOT having any problems uploading files to Blackboard with the latest version of Safari; I do it all the time!"

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