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Safari on iOS favored among 85 percent of users

The Android browser, however, is favored among 91 percent of folks using that operating system.

Chitika Insights

Apple's iOS users seem more willing to try new things than those running Android.

Advertising network Chitika yesterday released the results of a report on browser usage across mobile platforms. The company found that Safari, the default browser in iOS, is used by 85 percent of the folks running that operating system. Chrome, which sat atop the App Store's listing of free applications for several weeks over the summer, took 3 percent of the iOS market. All other browsers, including Dolphin and Atomic, combined for 11.9 percent share.

Interestingly, Android users are less likely to branch out. In fact, 91.3 percent of Android users are running the default browser. Opera is running on 5.8 percent of Android devices, while Chrome comes in at 2.3 percent. Firefox has yet to muster 1 percent market share.

So, what does all of that data say? According to Chitika, two things: Android and iOS users don't like to venture out all that often, but if they do, Apple's users are more likely to do so.

"Apple users were found to be more adventurous with their selections," the company said.

Apple launched iOS 6 last month with designs on improving Safari. The browser now includes support for iCloud Tabs, allowing users to keep the same tabs open, regardless of their iOS device. The browser also now saves Web pages in the Reading List and allows users to take photos and video without leaving Safari.

Chitika's study is based on "hundreds of millions of online impressions" through the company's advertising network. The impressions were analyzed between August 28 and September 4.