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Safari and the new Yahoo! Mail interface (#2)

Safari and the new Yahoo! Mail interface (#2)

Yesterday we covered a report of incompatibilities between the recently upgraded Yahoo! Plus Web email interface and Safari. That report generated a good amount of feedback from MacFixIt readers, most of which confirmed these issues: buttons that don't work, inability to delete messages, drop-down menus that do not appear, etc. Many readers note that the problem does not occur with other browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla. In addition, we've also received messages indicating that this issue is not restricted to Yahoo! Plus accounts -- even the free Yahoo! Mail accounts appear to be affected.

However, we also received a few messages from readers who were not experiencing any of these problems, even though they were using the same version of Safari and the same version of Mac OS X. Some users even reported that one of their computers worked fine while another exhibited these issues

Here at MacFixIt, Yahoo! Mail's new interface functions properly under OS X 10.3.4 and Safari 1.2.2; we can't replicate the issues being reported. However, while comparing the old Yahoo! Mail interface and the new, updated versions, we found one major difference: the new interface uses JavaScript for most buttons/controls, whereas the "old" system did not. We thus suspect that the cause of these problems is somehow JavaScript-related. If you're experiencing these issues, first make sure that JavaScript is enabled in Safari preferences. If it is, and you're still having problems, consider reinstalling the Mac OS X 10.3.4 Combo Updater, which should install the latest version of Safari (and its accompanying JavaScript support).

No HTML mail options in Mac browsers Another issue experienced by some users is the inability to compose HTML email using the new Yahoo! Mail interface when accessing it from a Mac browser. AJ Benamu notes:

"Since Yahoo changed their mail interface we Mac users no longer can send HTML mail. I have tried with several browsers from IE all the way to Mozilla. Safari displays the HTML toolbar when selecting MSIE 6.0 under Debug, but the space for typing the message is no longer there...On IE 6 the interface loads perfectly."

We've verified this issue here at MacFixIt.

What's your experience with the new Yahoo! Mail? Drop us an email at

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