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Safari 3.2: Crashes when opening tabs, possible fixes

Several users have reported an issue in which Safari 3.2 crashes whenever a new tab is opened.

Several users have reported an issue in which Safari 3.2 crashes whenever a new tab is opened. A sampling of reports:

  • "The new Safari release ( 3.2 ) is crashing every time a link opens a new tab. ( for example, in newsfire, I click on a new link, Safari tried to open the new window in a new tab, and poof! No more Safari. )"
  • "Just installed Safari 3.2 on a PowerBook with OSX 10.4.11 and now Safari crashes every time I try to open a page in a new tab - either by command-clicking or using a right mouse click."
  • "Just installed Safari 3.2, and now nothing loads. All my usual bookmarked websites, including MacFixIt, hang with a blank white page.'
  • "I've just upgraded to Safari 3.2 from 3.1. Now I find that if I open more than one tab, the program crashes. I have gone back to 3.0.4 which I found on a previous backup."

The first workaround you should try when encountering this issue is to turn off the "Warn when visiting fraudulent websites" option in Preferences.

Next, you might need to get rid of Input Managers. Look in the following folders:

  • /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
  • ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins
  • /Library/InputManagers
  • ~/Library/InputManagers

and remove any third-party items.

Possible culprits include PithHelmet, SafariStand and Concierge.

Input Managers reach right into an application and alter its code. This puts the behavior of the affected application outside the control and responsibility of its developers: a recipe for troubleshooting problems. That's not to say that issues absolutely will ensue as a result of Input Managers, but you, as a user, must do some cost/benefit analysis. If the functionality of a specific Input Manager or set thereof proves crucial, you may well choose to assume the associated risk.


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