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Safari 1.x: Cannot properly save some web pages

Safari 1.x: Cannot properly save some web pages

Several readers have noted that Safari 1.x does not save properly some web pages. For instance, the main page at

MacFixIt reader Gabriel Dorado writes "If you save this page for offline browsing or just to store it you get a blank file with 4 K. This is a serious flaw of Safari with many web sites, mainly because you are not warned and do not know about that until later on you try to open such saved page.

"Even worse: then you may not know from where you saved such page since the "File/Get Info" of the file no longer contains the source URL as Netscape used to do in Mac OS 9.

"Workaround 1: sometimes opening such 4 K files with CanOpener 5.0 or applications like Word 2004 may reveal the source URL or some word or phrase to track it down, but not always (it depends on the contents of the page).

"Workaround 2: other applications like Internet Explorer 5.2.3 save fine (saving as web page) such pages.

In-house we were able to successfully save a number of sites that Safari could not using Internet Explorer's "Web Archive" feature. Freeware/shareware archival tools like MM3-WebAssistant Pro, WebGrabber, and SiteSucker also work well.

  • http://www.revistalatahona...
  • MM3-WebAssistant Pro
  • WebGrabber
  • SiteSucker
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