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Sad plant! Vine experiences widespread service outage

Video application users were greeted by a more maddening type of looping experience on Tuesday.

Vine, the loopy video-sharing application from Twitter, experienced a widespread service interruption Tuesday. Sadly, people's pithy, provocative, and pretentious 6-second updates were put on semi-permanent pause.

The Twitter-owned service acknowledged the issues and alerted people via tweet at 10:17 a.m. Pacific today. Twitter declined to provide an explanation for the downtime, but the company did confirm that the service is now back up and running.

Vine, still less than a week old, is to video what Twitter is text, which means the iPhone application and its 6-second machinations are inspiring both awe and ire. See the Vine below from Tyra Banks as to why.

Tuesday's Vine issues appeared to be relegated to the iPhone application, which means app users found a different, more maddening type of endless looping: the spinning wheel of death. Vines published and shared outside the application seemed to play and loop as usual.

Should Vine, which has experienced frequent application issues for this reporter since day one, continue to falter, as Twitter did in the early days, we'll have to come with something as clever as the "Fail Whale" to describe these occurrences. I'm taking suggestions in the comments. "Sad Plant," perhaps?