Sad Macs book signing

Sad Macs book signing


Thanks to those of you who dropped by the Peachpit booth yesterday during my book signing for Sad Macs, Bombs and Other Disasters. I especially enjoyed getting the chance to put some names and faces together - for those of you who had sent me email previously.

The sales of the book also went exceptionally well - Peachpit sold out of the book before I was done signing them! And as long as I am patting myself on the back, I was pleased to see that Sad Macs was mentioned in the show (September 1997) issues of MacAddict ("Sad Macs is the best book on Mac troubleshooting") and Mac Home Journal (Sad Macs is the "Mac Troubleshooters Bible...details just about every Mac problem you could possibly think of").

I even spotted Sad Macs mentioned in the newly published Beyond the Little Mac Book (by Steve Broback and Robin Williams): "Sad Macs exhaustive reference guide to almost any Mac problem and its solution...the book is terrific."

Thanks to all of you!

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