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Sa-wing and a miss!

Nokia's digital music strategy fails to impress.

Jupiter Research's Mark Mulligan gives a run-down of what Nokia's new digital music strategy looks like and, well, let's just say Steve Jobs isn't exactly shaking in his Nikes.

Nice hardware with 99-cent Windows Media-DRMed downloads and, inexplicably, a PC-only subscription-based streaming service that doesn't do mobile streaming.

Wow. That's anticlimactic. And, frankly, a little confusing.

The one feature the Macalope sees that Apple really should implement is the ability to buy and download songs from the phone. Of course, there's currently no interface to add songs to playlists on an iPhone and there's the issue of turning music management in iTunes into true syncing rather than largely just a unidirectional push, but how hard could that be said the non-programmer.