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'S-Town' creator coming to UK to give us all some closure

Brian Reed will answer your burning questions about the three years' work that went into the compelling podcast.

Valero Doval

If "S-Town" left you with a thousand questions, this could be your chance to get some answers.

The podcast's co-creator and presenter Brian Reed will visit Manchester, London and Birmingham this autumn. He's delivering a talk that promises to be "part conversation, part Q and A".   

"S-Town", which dropped in March this year, introduced us to John B. Macklemore, an eccentric expert in antique clocks who contacted Reed about an alleged murder in his small Alabama town. And its unfolding narrative left us with plenty to think about.

The seven-episode podcast was the culmination of three years' reporting by Reed, who worked on the project with "Serial" co-creators Julie Snyder and Sarah Koenig and "This American Life" creator Ira Glass.

Brian Reed will appear at Manchester Academy on 30 September. He'll be at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London on 1 October and at Birmingham Town Hall on 2 October. Tickets are now on sale.