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Rymble a real-world enabler for Facebook addicts

Prototype social-networking gadget channels your Facebook updates on a rotating dial with soft chiming alerts.

Rymble social networking object
The Rymble will help enable your Facebook addiction. Symplio

We all know what Facebook looks like. Thanks to the upcoming Rymble gadget, we may soon know what it feels and sounds like as well.

The Rymble, from Spanish company Symplio, looks like a cross between a kitchen timer and something a Hasbro designer came up with in his spare time. It's full of bright colors and familiar Facebook icons rendered in plastic.

The dial rotates and chimes to indicate when you get new messages, when someone "likes" one of your posts, or when you get a friend request.

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Symplio envisions a variety of removable skins that react to social-networking updates for sports teams or celebrities like Lady Gaga. The device could alert you when the Chicago Bears score a touchdown or Justin Bieber's Facebook page is hopping with activity.

The Rymble is currently in prototype form, but it is scheduled to be available sometime within the next few months for around $140. Further release details are pretty sketchy. What we now need is a Rymble to alert us when the Rymble comes out.