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Ryan Gosling reportedly negotiating to star in 'Blade Runner' sequel

Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling is in discussions to join Harrison Ford in the new "Blade Runner" movie, reports say.

Blade Runner poster
Ryan Gosling may end up on set with Harrison Ford. Warner Bros

In a future gritty world with flying cars and robots that look and act like people, you expect to see guys like Harrison Ford and Edward James Olmos running around showing off their weathered, intriguing faces. You might not expect to see an actor whose name consistently pops up in the discussion for "Sexiest Man Alive" honors. Deadline reports, however, that Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to star in the "Blade Runner" sequel from Alcon Entertainment.

Ford is already signed on to reprise his role as Rick Deckard, an accomplished replicant hunter who may be harboring some secret identity issues. The original "Blade Runner" debuted in 1982 with director Ridley Scott at the helm. Scott is returning as executive producer this time, while Denis Villeneuve ("Prisoners") handles directing duties.

Plot details for the sequel are well under wraps, but filming is expected to start in 2016. That gives us lots of time to speculate about where and how the story will pick up after the original's ambiguous ending. We do know it's expected to be set several decades later, placing the timeframe at around 2050.

Gosling is known for starring in heartthrob roles in films like "The Notebook," but has also ventured into grittier fare like 2011's "Drive," an artsy and violent film that had him playing a stuntman. That experience should serve him well if negotiations go through and he officially signs on to join the dark film-noir-inspired world of "Blade Runner." He may also have to brush up on his origami skills.