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Russian spacecraft launch ends in failure and a fireball

Russia lost transmission with a Soyuz rocket set to take 2.5 tons of supplies to the International Space Station.


Astronauts aboard the International Space Station will have to wait for a resupply.

Getty Images

Astronauts on the International Space Station will have to wait for the 2.5 tons of supplies that the unmanned Progress MS-04 spacecraft, also called Progress 65, was set to bring on its cargo mission.

Russia lost data transmission from the Soyuz rocket earlier this week, about 6 minutes after its launch on Thursday, according to the Russian State Space Corporation. It isn't clear what caused the failure, but the agency believes it took place above a remote part of southern Siberia and that most of cargo and spacecraft burned up in Earth's atmosphere.

Anatoly Zak of Russian Space Web tweeted a photo of a possible explosion-related fireball over one of Siberia's southern cities.

Luckily, the ISS crew isn't in immediate danger of running out of food, spacesuits and other supplies -- and Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency is set to send a resupply in just a few days from now on December 9.