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Satan's swimming hole? Russian river mysteriously turns blood red

Well, this is creepy. Some are blaming iron-rich soil, but others have a more disturbing theory.

It's a headline straight out of the Book of Revelation or Exodus, or at least one of those creepy apocalyptic movies starring a pregnant Demi Moore.

The Daldykan River in Russia this week changed from its normal blue-green to a bright ketchupy red. And man, is it eerie.

Remember when the pool at the Rio Olympics turned green? Yeah, this is much creepier, and can't be blamed on the goof of a pool-maintenance worker. Or even Ryan Lochte.

The color change could be due to the large amount of iron that appears naturally in the soil in that area, but National Geographic reports that Russia's environment ministry is investigating a possible leak in waste pipes belonging to mining and smelting company Norilsk Nikel, owner of a local nickel factory. The company has denied a leak on its property, but says it is looking into it just in case.

Sure. That's probably it. Seems likely. But we've read our Book of Exodus. If locusts, lice and boils start appearing, we know what to do.

(Via National Geographic)