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Russia said to probe Microsoft over XP halt

According to Reuters, regulators in Moscow say that Microsoft's move to end Windows XP sales in favor of Vista may have violated its antitrust laws.


Microsoft is reportedly facing another antitrust inquiry, this time from the Russians.

According to a Reuters report Thursday, regulators there argue that Microsoft is violating Russian antitrust law by limiting supplies of Windows XP while demand exists and forcing people to buy Windows Vista.

Microsoft has largely stopped selling Windows XP for use on new computers, although it is still allowed in some emerging markets as well as for very low-cost machines, such as Netbooks.

The software maker says it has yet to be notified of the complaint.

"Microsoft has not yet received notice of any new investigation," Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans said in a statement to CNET News. "However, we will cooperate with any inquiry and remain committed to full compliance with Russian law."

In April, Russia said it was looking into whether Microsoft deserved closer scrutiny under its antitrust laws.