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Russia and Cuba: Together again, this time for open-source software

Russia and Cuba want to get rid of pesky Yankee software in favor of open-source software.

I read on Glyn Moody's blog that one-time bosom buddies, Cuba and Russia, have linked up again. The cause this time? No, it's not communism. That one lost a while back. This time, the two are banding together to fight the evil software capitalists with open-source software.

Russia and Cuba speak different languages, of course, but the article suggests sovereignty may be the lingua franca here, with Russia leading the charge. Cuba, finally free from the shackles of American imperialism, and Russia, that paragon of liberty, playing the lead. The possibilities are enormous!

Or not. American software companies haven't been able to sell into Cuba for decades (though many probably do, anyway), but this prohibition will become moot if Cuba is able to become self-sufficient in its software needs. Will we notice? Nah. I can't remember the last time I considered Cuba a real threat to anything other than the balance of nationalities playing in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

Hmm....Perhaps Cuba can open source its exceptional baseball talent in return for software? Even President Bush might sign up for that.