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Russell Brand wants you to pirate his new DVD

Russell Brand has tweeted three ways to get ahold of his new DVD, "Messiah Complex," putting the Pirate Bay front and center.

Russell Brand

Comedian and author Russell Brand often gets attention in the viral blogosphere for saying shocking things -- most recently, he hit headlines calling for a political revolution to reject the current systems and hierarchies that favor the privileged.

Giving away his work for free seems to be along a similar anti-capitalist vein. Brand's latest DVD, "Messiah Complex," is available to purchase for £10 ($16.40) from Amazon and the BBC Shop, and he tweeted both those links. But the first link he provided was to a Pirate Bay proxy for the torrent (allowing UK users to circumvent ISP-level blocks to the Pirate Bay main site).

Apparently this move did not go down well with BBC Worldwide, whose subsidiary 2Entertain published the DVD.

This means the torrent is illegal and not authorized by Brand's employers. Download at your own risk.

(Source: CNET Australia)