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Running Windows apps through the Xbox 360

Running Windows apps through the Xbox 360

To continue on our favorite topic of the moment--the Media Center functions of the Xbox 360 gaming console--some enterprising types have been experimenting with using the 360 as a kind of dumb terminal to run Windows apps remotely.

Since the Xbox 360 already interfaces with your Media Center PC to grab movies, music, and photo files, why can't it run simple programs? After all, the Media Center interface has a handy More Programs tab, and wouldn't you know it, Microsoft has some documentation on its site for getting a program to show up in that tab.

A poster on the Gaming-Age forums (where this photo comes from) had some limited success getting Internet radio clients and some simple games running. The 360's been on the market for only a week, so it's just a matter of time before someone gets a fully functional browser or RSS feed up and running.