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Running-Mario fidget spinner justifies fidget spinners

Even if you're sick of fidget spinners, you should take a moment to appreciate this cool animated Mario version of the toy.

The invasion of the fidget spinners continues like some low-budget horror sci-fi movie. They're everywhere, doing their little dances on people's fingertips. Even if you've been resisting, you just might get lured into the fidget spinner vortex by a fan-made animated running Mario fidget spinner featuring Nintendo's video game hero.

The custom spinner comes from A Pyro Design, an Etsy seller specializing in custom laser-cut fidget spinners. Unlike most spinners, instead of devolving into a blur, it creates a mini animation showing Mario running over a set of bricks. 

A Pyro Design's fidget toys are crafted from steel and aluminum with 3D-printed spinner caps. A single spinner will cost you $12 (£9, AU$16), with additional fees for custom work or using a design you create. You can find the Super Mario-style version listed as "8 bit plumber."