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Run Keeper uses GPS to track exercise, road trips

Track your runs and more with Run Keeper, an upcoming application for the iPhone. It was designed to track runs, but might work for other activities too.

Exercise enthusiasts will love Run Keeper, an upcoming fitness tracker for the iPhone. It centers on a really simple tracker that follows your location as you run via GPS, then puts that information into a personal database.

Every time you complete a run you can see how far you went (to the best of the phone's tracking capabilities), along with the time spent and how it compares with previous runs, all on a Google Map.

Developer Jason Jacobs of FitnessKeeper tells us it's just the tip of the iceberg for planned development and that much bigger things are on the way. For people too cheap to shell out for Nike's iPod nano-centric run tracker this makes a viable alternative albeit with less integration with iTunes. Nice, however, is the option to check out your data from any computer since the maps and runs are stored in the cloud.

While Jacobs has designed the application for tracking runs, another viable use for this is tracking trips in vehicles. Businesses looking to keep an eye on their employees' short-haul trips could use such a system to make sure they're going where they said they did.

A video of the application in action is embedded after the break. No word on when this should be available in the app store.

Track runs, or other trackable adventures with Run Keeper, an upcoming application for the iPhone. CNET Networks/FitnessKeeper