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Run away from bulls on Zynga's latest 'With Friends' game

The social-gaming company releases "Running With Friends," a combination of its mobile franchise and the popular genre of running games. The title's set at the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.


Zynga has added another "With Friends" game to its portfolio, and this time it involves running away from a stampede of bulls.

Running With Friends, a game set in Pamplona, Spain, at the annual running of the bulls, went live today for iOS. Capitalizing on the popularity of running games like Temple Run, Running With Friends -- true to Zynga form -- adds a social layer. In addition to competing with friends, players can explore a virtual Pamplona.

"We are committed to expanding Zynga's mobile portfolio to bring players the most fun, social, and accessible games to play with their friends," Travis Boatman, Zynga's senior vice president of mobile, said in a press release. "Launching Running With Friends is a natural fit for us as we combine the excitement of the runner category with the social elements of our 'With Friends' franchise."

The "With Friends" series is Zynga's only successful mobile franchise, other than Draw Something. Both franchises started from games Zynga bought when the titles were wildly popular.

Running With Friends was developed in collaboration with Eat Sleep Play, the developer behind the game series Twisted Metal, according to Zynga.