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Rumour: iTunes coming to Nokia phones

If you've ever thought that it would be cool to transfer music on to your Nokia handset using iTunes, you'll defnitely be interested in this rumour

While perusing the Interwebs today, we came across a post on The Symbian Core that claims iTunes is going to be made available on Nokia handsets running S60, in the form of an app. Better still, it looks as though the iTunes app will include the iTunes Store, so you can buy tracks straight from your Nokia phone. Neither Apple nor Nokia has got back to us yet regarding this story's veracity, but we'll let you know as soon as they do.

Considering the iPhone runs iTunes and has tightly integrated its services with its hardware for some time now, this rumour seems outlandish. Add to that the fact that Nokia has its own musical ambitions with Comes With Music and this rumour seems like a strange and highly unlikely pairing, but Nokia's S60 platform is open to developers, so Apple could theoretically build an app for S60 if it wanted to.

According to the post, 'iTunes S60' will be made available in January 2009 and not all phones will be compatible. We're hoping this is all true and we can finally hook our Nokia phones up to iTunes without needing to use third-party solutions. We'll keep you updated in the unlikely case that we find out any more info. -Andrew Lim