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Rumormongering: Canon 50D on the horizon?

Whispers surface

Canon 40D getting replaced?
Canon 40D getting replaced? CNET

The one model I was positive wouldn't be replaced this year is the Canon EOS 40D; though it shipped almost a year ago, the product cycle for dSLRs tends to be closer to 18 months than the 12-month-or-less cycle for snapshot cameras. But a secondhand reputable source--I trust PhotographyBay and they think there's something to recent rumors on Dpreview--has speculated on specs for a 50D.

Those specs include a bump to 12 megapixels (from 10), an increase to ISO 6400 (up from ISO 3200), a 3-inch OLED display, and 11-point AF system (up from 9).