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Rumored Thunderbolt update to include Skype video calling

The HTC Thunderbolt could be the first Android phone to get the long-anticipated video calling service.

The Thunderbolt will be among the first Android devices to offer Skype video calling. AndroidAndMe

The HTC Thunderbolt may have a new software update on the way and, unlike the last time around, it should be packed with features.

AndroidAndMe is reporting that an Android 2.3.4 update is set to arrive June 30 with a number of notable additions, including Skype video functionality, Google Talk video chat, and the Amazon Appstore. What's more, the update will also include Verizon Phone Finder, Download Manager, and a newer version (2.1) of HTC's Sense UI.

Looking at the purported update sheet, I don't see much in the way of bug fixes or performance enhancements. Indeed, one such feature that many Thunderbolt owners are hoping to see is a fix for the random rebooting issue. That alone would be worth a maintenance release. Still, though, I can't imagine users not wanting to be first in line for Skype video calling on an Android phone.